The Adventures of Max Rush | Dream Daddy Episode 1

Can you believe it? A video is up in time again, and what’s this – it’s a playthrough! Well, as close as I could get to making one that is.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the launch of the first gaming video on my YouTube channel. Not as exciting and glamorous as just about every other YouTuber who has actually played this game and decided upon their chosen Dream Daddy. First off, to clear all copyright and rules, I do not own the game, music or characters, they are all property of their respective owners, so YouTube, please calm yourself, ok?

If I’m being completely honest, this is probably the second game that I have ever bought in the same year that it came out. The first one was a buy-before-release which I haven’t installed yet. I know, sucky content, but hey, my laptop is really small space-wise. Not my fault that I don’t get paid enough to afford something that can handle what it needs to. So, if anyone wants to sponsor me, please consider it.

Now, if YouTube decides to be nice to me for once, they’ll hopefully let me keep this video up and let me upload the rest of the playthroughs. You see how much credit I’m giving you, YouTube? You guys should actually be sponsoring me for typing out your site so much.

Ok, before I get off track here, like I always seem to do for some or other reason, yes, I have started to play Dream Daddy like most gaming YouTubers. No, I have not watched more than a few videos of theirs to see how they played it, only enough to become interested enough in the game to try it for myself.

My original plan was to do the character voices myself, but due to the lack of voice recording equipment and the fact that the application I used fudged up my laptop’s sound for about two days, I am really reluctant to do voice overs. In the end, I just decided to record how I play it without any commentary, so you guys have been warned, and I apologise deeply for that. If I had it my way, I’d have a facecam and would do all the voices myself, but alas, money is a big issue for me.

If anyone is interested to know how they could possibly sponsor me, please let me know. If you like my art, you could always commission me as well, details are available here.

Back to the matter at hand, as you guys know, in this game you start off as a single dad who lost his spouse (husband/wife depending on your choice) and is moving to a new house in a cul-de-sac with his eighteen-year-old daughter (biological/adopted depending on your choice), Amanda. Shortly after moving into the neighbourhood, you get to meet a total of seven fathers, namely; Craig, Mat, Brian, Robert, Hugo, Damien and Joseph (not necessarily in that order, once again, depending on how you choose to play).

All these men have children, although I’m still waiting to see who Robert’s child is. Yes, for those of you who didn’t know, Robert has a son/daughter, at least according to what the game lets on about him. So far, from what I’ve seen, I would honestly be surprised if Game Grumps don’t make a second version. I mean, just look at this game’s popularity for crying out loud! And adding in voice actors would be great too, thanks guys.

A little spoiler for those who are curious about who appears in this episode, it is Mat Sella, Brian Harding and Joseph Christiansen. I honestly kind of want to make a post about all the characters and how I’d rate them on the usual scale from one to ten, but I’m not planning on doing something like that until much later, depending on certain things, which will be kept secret for now in order to avoid jinxing it. If you’re not interested in a path being developed with any of these characters, then you might not be interested in watching this particular video. Damn it Fang, don’t tell them that! Sorry, but I like to be honest with you guys. It really is true about the honesty being the best policy cliché, because a friendship is better formed on that basic principle, and I’d love to be friends with each and every one of you, if you’d let me.

The video is still uploading, so I think I’ll type out a few more things that I want to share with you guys about what I like and dislike about these three characters so far. I apologise for not having clearer images.

Mat Sella

Mat Sella – In all honesty, I really like Mat. He’s a pretty chilled guy with a love for music. He owns his own little coffee shop, the Coffee Spoon. So, for those of you who love your cup in the morning and have an ear for music, Mat’s your guy. Oh, and he likes puns!

Brian Harding

Brian Harding – A man that knows how to rock his beard, and knows his way around wood. Who doesn’t like a guy that’s good with his hands? But man does his ego outshine everything. Those who have met Brian will know for a fact that he loves to brag, especially when its matters concerning his daughter, Daisy. If you’re a protective/proud father, you might want to keep Amanda from getting in direct contact with Brian, but let her hang with Daisy, she’s alright. If it helps, he has a dog.

Joseph Christiansen

Joseph Christiansen – The youth minister at the local church. Father of four and husband to Mary. He knows how to flip a patty on the grill and is liked by everyone – even perhaps Robert – but not Mary. Honestly, that woman kind of has a way to make you instantly dislike her. For those who continue watching long enough, you’ll eventually see why.

Alright, well, the video is up and this post is done, so I’ll see you guys in two weeks time. Oh, and before I forget, I’m opening a new segment on my site where I will be posting stories from my DeviantArt account. They will actually be up on only my DA, but other than that, I should update the post on a regular basis to let you guys know about recently released chapters. In a sense these stories are going to basically be collaborations between myself and a few others, but I really hope you guys enjoy them.

Let me know who your favourite dad is in the game if you have played or seen further than these few scenes. I think Max already knows who his favourite is, but for now, that remains a secret to be discovered.

Characters, Game and Music © Game Grumps


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