Binge Recording Fail

As I mentioned at the start of the video, it has been a while since I’ve posted a video, which I apologise for, but then again those who are following me on DeviantArt would have seen the reason for it.

After not really having a selection of videos to choose from, I tried to record some new ones, which didn’t work out so well because I haven’t had a chance to write out anything for them so it kind of had to be improvised more than half of the time, not to mention that I didn’t really have a lot of time to film any in the way that I would have preferred to. For that, I also apologise deeply for, but once again, do not take the blame for because I have been busy as hell the last month.

Having always been a fan of bloopers – for the simple fact that they are hilarious – I decided to take some old and new videos and grab the bloopers that I could find between them. You know, for such a short video, the file size is almost ridiculous and that’s for an old editing programme. Maybe that’s why it’s like that, I’m not really sure.

Anyway, some of these scenes I really found funny and decided to share. I promise that as soon as I get to visit my younger brother and sister again, I will honestly try to record more videos and hopefully actually script something. In a way, this video is kind of meant as a tribute to our grandfather who passed away this month since he always enjoyed a good laugh. Just beware of all the groans inside the video itself – and watch out for flying fidget spinners!

As for Art for July 2017, I was considering posting it today, but then soon realised that it would be to soon after this post, so Art for July 2017 will be up by this Monday since that is technically the end of the month. I just hope I have enough time during my lunch break to post it.

It keeps feeling like I’m forgetting something, but I suppose that’s probably because I haven’t done a post in so long. It really gets to ya, you know? Also, this might not be the best place to ask this, but if anyone has any suggestions of anime, please feel free to send them to me because my supply is running hella low.

What else? What else? Oh yeah, for those of you who don’t know yet, in case you don’t follow me on any other website, here are some other places where you guys can get in contact with me if you want to, or you could just go to the home page to see the links either way.

Facebook | Twitter | DeviantArt | Tumblr | YouTube | My Trending Stories

Tell me if you guys liked this video and if it made you laugh, and if you have video suggestions, please don’t be shy to share. If I can, I definitely will try and get around to eventually filming them with the help of my camera-man brother. Oh, and sensei, I am eventually going to do that video suggestion that you gave me, I just haven’t been able to do it with a straight face yet.

If that’s all, I am going to be linking to other websites now, restrarting my laptop and watching some YouTube while chatting with anyone whose online. See you guys in two weeks! – I should have a video ready for then – if I’m lucky. Man… life is hard.


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