Art Done by other Artists

Honestly, this post is kind of really selfish, but to me its more like a podium of art works by other artist done for me and honestly, I do believe these artist deserve more credit for their work.

Don’t forget to check these artists out. To go to the original work, just click on the picture. All art posted here has received permission to be posted. However, you are not allowed to re-post this art unless given specific permission from the artist themselves.

Some of the images are cropped to keep my site family-safe, but if you wish to see the full version, just go to the original. However, if the same artist has done more than one art work for me before, I will choose my favourite, most family-friendly, choice and upload it in this post. All artists are only featured once, but there is always the chance that my current favourite from the artist will be switched with another favourite from the same artist.


Art © darksidermonents
Base © YummehCrayons
Jimmy © darksidermonents
Drake © FangWolfsbane


Art © Nyranin
Seren © darksidermonents
Fang © FangWolfsbane

24_01_06_2017_Anxiously Waiting

Art © LewdPoison
Jason © FangWolfsbane

crane_ref_gift__by_scribblyskiesstudios-dbjlzxs (1)

Art © ScribblySkiesStudios
Crane © FangWolfsbane


Art © Akai–Me
Rocky © FangWolfsbane


Art © bleedman
Black Pearl © FangWolfsbane


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